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Designing and manufacturing Adult Diaper Machine, New Ladys Sanitary Pad Napkin Machine, Wet Wipes Lid Applicator Machine, etc..

Our machines including New Ladys Sanitary Pad Napkin Machine, Easy Pack Sanitary Pad Machine, Single Wet Wipes, Baby Diaper Machine, etc., are helping many renowned companies in producing multiple products. We, Quanzhou Rigor Machine Manufactory Co., Ltd., are very happy to see that as a manufacturer and supplier, we have been able to serve customers excellently. The cost-effective solutions offered by us have resulted in our grand success and allowed us to create a unique market image.

Some features that set our array apart are their easy installation, low maintenance, longer serving life, user-friendliness, etc.
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We are associated with renowned companies to procure the necessary material for our Single Wet Wipes, New Ladys Sanitary Pad Napkin


Our experienced professionals will help customers in finding the suitable solution
About Us

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Our enterprise was founded by a group of machinery engineers who are blessed with innovative thinking and rich experience.

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Our company conducts research and development for various machines like Baby Diaper Machine, Single Wet Wipes,

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The mission of our company is to produce a variety of machines that is unified with advanced technology by using our professional knowledge,
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It was in the 2006 when we stepped into the commercial world and since then we have never looked back. Our ideas, innovative products, customer-driven approach have allowed us to come so far and emerge a globally recognized entity that owns a 100% satisfied clientele.
About Us
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We are dealing in New Ladys Sanitary Pad Napkin Machine, Adult Diaper Machine, Wet Wipes Lid Applicator Machine, etc. The production of the mentioned array is carried out carefully in our Quanzhou, Fujian, China based unit.
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